3 Ways Mastering Improves Your Music

Mastering is the final stage of audio production and admittedly the most misunderstood stage. Let’s identify in this article 3 different ways which mastering improves your music.mastering improves music

First, audio mastering simply put imporves the quality of your music. It can take a bland mix and a good mastering engineer cacn unlock that mix’s true potential through effects such as compression, limiting, EQ, stereo imaging, and much more. Compression can take a weak mix and give it the glue or presence that it needs to really pop in the speakers. EQ can give a track the shine and cleansing that it needs to sound professional and glossy. Playing with the stereo width will make your track sound larger and more enveloping in the stereo, as well. All of these tools can go a long way when masterfully applied by the right engineer.

Secondly, mastering provides parity level and sound wise with all of your tracks on your record. The audio mastering engineer ensures that they’re all on the same level with one another volume wise and have the same style between them all, effectively taking a random collection of songs and creating a sense of unity which is present on the album.

Finally, the mastering engineer ensures that your music is consistent with industry standards in terms of levels. This is important because most contemporary music today is much louder than music of 30 or even just 10 years ago. If your songs are quieter, they will be perceived as being weaker and less professional than their contemporary peers. A good audio mastering engineer ensures that not only are the songs on your album all at parity volume wise with one another but also with industry and contemporary standards of the day so that when they are played side by side with songs from other artists from today in a mix, they stand up right along side them.

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